Beginner Washcloth Collection #1 and #2

This is a short collection of washcloth patterns that are super simple, beginner friendly patterns. These are a great way to practice some basic stitches and practice keeping rows straight.

  • Cotton yarn; 1 skein of most will make 2 to 3 washcloths depending on the yardage in the skein; I really like lily sugar n' cream, red heart scrubby smoothie,  and premier cotton yarn.
  • H (5.0 mm) hook, or I (5.5 mm) hook; 
  • yarn needle;  
  • scissors
Gauge will vary depending on yarn used and hook size, and as such is not provided; You should end up with a near square finished product.

First off is a linen stitch washcloth: 

  • This is basically a simple row repeat; 
  • First row should be done on back loops of the chain;  the subsequent rows are worked in to the top of first and last stitch, and into the space created by the chain 1; 
  • All rows start and end with a sc; this provides more structure; 
  • Ch: yarn over, pull through loop
  •  Sc: insert through stitch, yarn over, pull up loop, yarn over, pull through two loops
Start: Ch. 27 or an odd number 31 also works well;

Row 1: sc in 2nd stitch from the hook, ch 1 and skip on ch and sc in to next; repeat until there is one stitch left sc in to last stitch;
Row 2: Ch. 1, turn, sc in to first stitch ch 1, sc in to ch 1 space from the row before, repeat pattern until one stitch remaining, sc into last stitch;
Row 3-26: Repeat row 2;
Optional border: sc in each stitch and row around with two stitches in each corner.

Here is a sample of how the pattern looks in chart form.

Sample of how the stitches stack up 


Second pattern is Bean or Crunchy Stitch Washcloth:

  • Also a simple row repeat; 
  • This stitch creates a fabulous bumpy texture great for scrubbing/ massage texture
  • last row will be sc to even out bumps created by the stitches
  • Row one should be worked in the back bumps of the chain

sl: insert hook through stitch, pull up loop, pull through;
Hdc: yarn over, insert hook through stitch, yarn over pull up loop, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops; 
sc: insert through stitch yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through 2 loops;

Start: start with a chain of 28 or an even number in the desired width

Row 1: in second ch. from hook sl, in second stitch; hdc in next stitch, repeat stitches till you reach the end of row;

Row 2: ch 1, turn, hdc in first stitch, sl in to the next stitch; repeat across to end of row;

     Simply put, an hdc in each sl from the row before and a sl in the hdc from the row before.

Row 3-30; repeat rows 1 and 2 alternating;

Row 31: sc in each stitch across;

Optional border: after row 31 continue with a sc in each row down the side and all the way around with two sc in each corner. 

Here is a shortened version of the pattern in chart form. 

This creates such a great texture:

DISCLAIMER: This pattern has not been tested and is community tested by the people that chose to make it, if you have an issue please contact me before leaving a negative comment and I will help you sort out what is going on. You may make and sell any of my designs but where possible please link back to my site. The photos here are mine, and cannot be used for purposes of sales or listings.