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Beginner Washcloth Collection #1 and #2

This is a short collection of washcloth patterns that are super simple, beginner friendly patterns. These are a great way to practice some basic stitches and practice keeping rows straight.

Cotton yarn; 1 skein of most will make 2 to 3 washcloths depending on the yardage in the skein; I really like lily sugar n' cream, red heart scrubby smoothie,  and premier cotton yarn. H (5.0 mm) hook, or I (5.5 mm) hook; yarn needle;  scissors Gauge will vary depending on yarn used and hook size, and as such is not provided; You should end up with a near square finished product.

First off is a linen stitch washcloth: 

This is basically a simple row repeat;  First row should be done on back loops of the chain;  the subsequent rows are worked in to the top of first and last stitch, and into the space created by the chain 1; All rows start and end with a sc; this provides more structure; Stitches:
Ch: yarn over, pull through loop Sc: insert through stitch, yarn over, pull up l…