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Sunflower Market Bag

So this is part of my flower obsession lately, it is worked in the round (well square too). And works up pretty fast. It's made of two panels seamed together and then a quick handle.

Lily sugar'n cream in brown(one), yellow(one) and green (super size or two skeins).
H (5.0 mm) hook
Yarn needle, and scissors

Gauge: gauge is not super vital to this project. 1 finished panel is approximately 12 in. by 12 in.

In the round for the brown the ch 2 does not count as a stitchIn the green square the chain 3 does count as a stitchthis pattern is worked in the round with as little complication as I could manage the first round of the green is worked in the back loops only 
Starting with brown:
Center of Flower: 

Round 1: Ch 3, in third chain DC 10, sl to top of first DC to make circle.  (10 dc)

Round 2: ch 2, 2 DC in next stitch, 2 DC in each stitch around sl to top of first DC  (20 dc)

Round 3: ch 2, *2 DC in next stitch, 1 DC in next stitch, repeat from * to end of round, s…