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Crafting to Cope: Find Your Own Way through Grief

This is the second in my series about grief, grieving, and helping people that are grieving. This one is for the people who are grieving. I am still in the early(ish) stages of this, but these are just my thoughts.

First of all if you have lost someone, or something, you are not alone.

Whether it be the loss of a loved one, the loss of an infant or pregnancy, the loss of a pet, a relationship, or anything, your loss is not less than anyone else's. What matters is what the loss means to you and how you feel about it. Don't listen to or worry about the people that try to compete with your loss, there should not be a competition in grief. The loss of a companion animal may hurt someone just as much a losing a parent, you are the one that decides how you feel, no one else can.

If you are experiencing grief, you may be here hoping to find answers to what you are experiencing, or how this process works, or maybe even about the stages of grief, sorry but I don't have any real an…

Grief Happens: It's Time to Talk About Its

On Instagram lately there have been a number of posts from a wide variety of people and entities on mental health awareness and how it's ok to talk about how you are feeling and to focus on selfcare. I am happy that this is out there and that there are so many crafters that are open and willing to talk about how their craft has helped them deal with Anxiety, or Depression or OCD. I want to add another layer to that conversation and I will be sharing some personal experiences as well.

One thing that is not talked about and is more taboo, at least it seems like it lately, than mental health conditions is talking about grief and its profound and substantial impact it has on people. There is that image going around about grief being like a ball in a box with a button (See below), which I agree accurately explains how grief reactions feel but it's not the whole picture. There are books, but some are way too sappy/sad, and other blogs (some of which are worth a read), but none I fe…