Camping Blanket

My mom always loved camping, we went all the time as kids, and my boyfriend and I ysed to go at least monthly, until we bought our house (then we got busy with projects and gardening). We've started camping again since mom's passing, and we found we needed a good blanket that could get dirty but was easy to clean, and warm with a good weight to it. We live in the Pacific Northwest so it gets cold this time of year, especially up in the mountains.

I had some Bernat Maker Outdoor left over from another project and started with that as a base, I got enough of it worked up that i fell in love and knew that it was going to be our camping blanket.

So I went out and bought the rest of the orange and orange stripe Bernat Maker Outdoor that my local Joanns store had left.
This camping blanket is super easy to make, its a simple moss stitch with a single crochet border.

How I do the moss stitch is:
start with an even number chain, sc in to the 4th chain from the hook, ch 1 skip next stitch and sc in to the next stitch, repeat all the way down, the last stitch in the row should be an sc in to loop made by the original chain three. For the second row, chain two, skip first sc from row below and sc into the ch space, ch 1 skip next sc from row below and sc in to the chain space. It just repeats from there.


Materials: bernat maker outdoor: 3 skeins orange stripe, 4-5 skeins solid orange (depends on how long you want the blanket and wide you want the trim)

My final dimensions are approximately 41" by 62". This is totally customizable to sizes you want by changing width and stripe pattern.

Size P, 11.50 mm hook.

Gauge: 6 rows ×5 stitch approx 3" by 3" (this yarn varied a bit in thickness, just the nature of the design) and I didn't really plan a gauge, this is a measurement of rows from the completed blanket. 

Chain 102;
Row 1: sc in 4th chain from hook, *ch 1 skip 1 space and sc in to next ch, repeat from * until last stitch, sc in last stitch. Ch 2 and turn.

Row 2: skip first sc, *sc in to ch space in row below, ch 1, skip 1, sc in to next ch space, repeat till last stitch sc in loop made by the three chain. Ch 2 and turn.

Row 3: *skip 1 stitch, sc in ch space, ch 1, repeat from *until you get to the last stitch, sc in last stitch.

Repeat row 3 until blanket reaches desired length.

I used the yarn I had in full skeins, except I started with a remnant and I chose to end with the same number of rows so it was some what symetric, so mine ended up as follows:

Ch, and row 1-11 orange. 1 whole skein of orange stripe, 1 whole skein of skein of orange, 1 whole skein of orange stripe, 1 whole skein of orange, 1 whole skein of orange stripe, 11 rows of orange. Then start the border.

BORDER: this is a sc border with 1 sc in each stitch and row around and 3 sc in each corner stitch. I did 5 rows of sc around.

I hope you enjoy this blanket idea! I really enjoyed sitting by the fire wrapped up in this between hikes this weekend.