Rustic Ghost Decorations


These SUPER cute rustic ghosts are so easy to make! They are made from old fence-board scraps, and just a little bit of white and black paint.

My mom LOVED Halloween, and rustic decorations. She frequently made her own decorations, I was inspired by her, and the things she loved to make these. I feel like, in a weird way, she helped me make these cute ghosts decorations.

They can be made from any scrap wood, or fence pieces. I used some chunks of cedar fence board (1"x6") that we had from fixing sections of our fence. We only had these short sections left, but you could use full size fence boards too if you've got them around. (mine measure about 18" tall for the shorter pieces; and roughly 24" for the taller piece).


First, start by sanding off the roughness/ and rough edges.There's no need to over sand or sand till perfectly smooth; they are supposed to be a bit rough to get that rustic look, you just don't want any splintery edges.

I accomplished this by wrapping a piece of sand paper around a bit of 2x4, and going with the grain of the boards. 

Miss Millie wanted to help, and wasn't so happy with me when I wouldn't let her. She didn't want to look at me.


Once the boards are sanded down make sure all the dust is knocked off, before painting them.


Paint with white paint, I used Plaid Crafts Apple Barrel Indoor/Outdoor Gloss white. Now, you don't want to paint too heavy. The goal is for just a light coating so that you can still see the wood grain, texture and some of the wood color; think of it like a light white-wash. The ghosts are supposed to be rustic, not perfect 😀

STEP 4-The Final Step

The last step is to pain the adorable little faces on the rustic ghosts, I used Plaid Crafts Apple Barrel Indoor/Outdoor Gloss in Black. I did three different little faces, and a highlight the eyes with tiny lines of white. I added a cute little "BOO!" down the side of the smallest piece,  but that is optional, if you used a long piece of fence-boards you could put Happy Halloween down the side.

I love how my Rustic Ghost Decorations turned out! I put them on the side of my front porch and I love them. They need a cute little pumpkin friend now, but that will be a project for another day.