Introduction to Tiny Farm Crafts

This blog is inspired by my mom. My mom passed away recently, she was a lover of all things crafty, including painting, woodworking, sewing, or combining all of those into super cute decoration, which was usually for Halloween. My mom instilled in me and my three siblings a love of all things creative, crafty, and fun.

My mom was taken suddenly, and extremely unexpectedly. Many of the things you will see on here are inspired by her, or things I learned from her. She taught me and my siblings how to sew, how to paint, how to cut/make things out of wood, how to bake and so many more things. Each of us had a special connection to her and will pass things on that she taught us. She was always encouraging us to pursue activities, dreams and ideas.

I decided to call this Tiny Farm Crafts, because mom always called my house "my tiny farm"  (my little sister also calls it that). I live on half an acre, in a city, in a house built in 1900. We have two cats, one dog, and six chickens. We also have a sizeable garden, and fruit trees and this year we made part of the yard a corn field.

I hope eventually open an Etsy shop too or do a craft booth at the farmers market, or both. My mom always loved to do craft booths and was working on items for one when she passed away. 

This a new experience for me, and I hope that I get followers and that everyone that does find me, bears with me while I learn how all of this works.You can also follow me on instagram @tinyfarmcrafts.