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Rustic Ghost Decorations


These SUPER cute rustic ghosts are so easy to make! They are made from old fence-board scraps, and just a little bit of white and black paint.

My mom LOVED Halloween, and rustic decorations. She frequently made her own decorations, I was inspired by her, and the things she loved to make these. I feel like, in a weird way, she helped me make these cute ghosts decorations.

They can be made from any scrap wood, or fence pieces. I used some chunks of cedar fence board (1"x6") that we had from fixing sections of our fence. We only had these short sections left, but you could use full size fence boards too if you've got them around. (mine measure about 18" tall for the shorter pieces; and roughly 24" for the taller piece).


First, start by sanding off the roughness/ and rough edges.There's no need to over sand or sand till perfectly smooth; they are supposed to be a bit rough to get that rustic look, you just don't want any splintery edg…

Chunky Granny Square Throw

This cute throw/blanket started as a blanket for my friend's husband, but I never liked how it was turning out. I started and frogged the project probably a dozen times. (I had it 3/4 done at one point).
When this was finally created, I was experimenting with chunky yarns, I finished one project (a dog/cat mat) and ended up grabbing my M/N hook from Clover and experimenting with the different stitches, and number of strands of yarn and I ended up loving the thickness and weight of two strands of Red Heart Supersaver in camo and the granny square stitch. It ended up being not to heavy (which is rare for Chunky anything) and not too airy. Its a perfect on the couch throw.

The Pattern is super simple, its a basic granny square with a moss stitch edge. It can be done any number of ways. For example, I am terrible at a magic ring, but you could start that way too.

A chart for how I did this is below. It is a shortened version. 😁

Material: 4-6 Large skeins of Red Heart Supersaver …

Welcome Home Key Hanger

This adorable key hanger was the last thing I made with my mom. Her and I made it while she was here visiting at the end of July. I originally wanted to make it out of old fence boards, but we decided that would be too heavy for my walls, that are mostly plaster. So we went to JoAnn's.

Chase After Your Dreams Rustic Sign

This sign was inspired by the last project my mom was working on before she passed away.

Introduction to Tiny Farm Crafts

This blog is inspired by my mom. My mom passed away recently, she was a lover of all things crafty, including painting, woodworking, sewing, or combining all of those into super cute decoration, which was usually for Halloween. My mom instilled in me and my three siblings a love of all things creative, crafty, and fun.